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Thresholds and plinths for driveways

Driveways include two fundamental parts: the threshold and the side plinths. The threshold is the sloped part, connecting the street level to the pavement or garage access height. The side plinths are the elements that connect the threshold to the kerbs beside the entrance.

Thresholds for driveways

These thresholds, in view of their function, are laid inclined. Given the heavy loads they carry, they must have a safe thickness, from 6 to 10 cm.
The widths, with respect to the plinths, are usually 40 to 50 cm, with random length; the top face will be natural quarry, the edges sawn.

Plinths for driveways


Plinths are produced from blocks of adequate size by sawing, followed by laborious manual dressing in quarter circle using the bush-hammer.

The standard processing is calculated for a height difference of 15 cm from street level to sidewalk. The stones are squared to size 40x40 and 50x50 cm and have the same height as the kerbstones.

Plinths are shaped stones that, almost always laid at both ends of the driveway, connect the kerbstones to the access thresholds.

The exposed face is completely bush-hammered or sometimes flamed or sandblasted.
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