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Porphyry binders

Binders are rectangular porphyry pieces with an upper natural quarry face and the sides split and either orthogonal with the face or slightly undercut.

Uses of porphyry binders


Porphyry binders are generally used to contain and delimit differing areas of the street, such as flowerbeds or green areas; in the road itself, they can be used to create gutters. 

Binders can also be used successfully as an important element for street paving or to create a form of decoration within an otherwise uniform paving arrangement.

Characteristics of binders

Binders can be divided in two categories: normal and giant; these in turn differ according to dimensions: thickness, length and weight.

Thickness (cm)  Length (cm) Weight (Kg/ml)
Head 10 cm  5 to 8  15 to 40  18
Head 10 cm  8 to 11  15 to 40  22
Head 12 cm  10 to 15  15 to 40  36
Head cm 12
 15 to 20  20 to 40  60
 Head cm 14
 15 to 20  20 to 40  70
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