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All the colours of porphyry

The variety of colours of porphyry from Trentino render this material unique in its kind. 
The colour tones vary from grey to violet, brown and red, in ever changing and original patterns that we do our best to display in the selection of material as well as in its processing and laying.
If you wish to have a single colour, we also offer a colour selection service for the quarried stone.

Red porphyry, grey porphyry, violet porphyry: why so many colours?

The chromatic diversity of porphyry, one of its strengths, is determined by the mineral composition and by the differing contents of metals in the magma. 
Porphyry is in fact an effusive magmatic rock: the most widespread rocks of this type in the earth’s crust are rhyolitic and rhyodacitic ignimbrites.
Petrographically it has a glassy or microcrystalline matrix, making up more than 65% of the mass, in which are embedded small crystals (size 2-4 mm) in percentages varying from 30 to 35%. The more abundant are quartz crystals, so that the rock is also called "quartz porphyry".
The mineralogical composition of the stone determines its colouring.
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