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Porphyry from Trentino: a guarantee of quality:

Porphyry from Trentino is a guarantee of quality: this magmatic rock, extremely strong and versatile, is appreciated and traded world-wide. Ideal for both outdoor paving and for indoor decoration, porphyry from Trentino is available in various formats and products, and can take on many shapes according to the layout required.

Our products in porphyry from Trentino

Porphyry is used mainly for outdoor paving and stairways. For this application the more frequently supplied products are irregular slabs, setts, tiles and steps
However, porphyry is available in many formats, ideal for both paving and for other uses such as facings, decoration and kerbing.

Porphyry from Trentino: controlled to ensure quality

Our products are subject to constant and rigorous quantity and quality control; this allows us to market products that always conform to high standards and that guarantee our customers qualities such as high value, resistance and duration.
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