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Other Solutions

Porphyryis also an idealmaterial for other architectural elements, such as:

Capitals for columns

These are quarry face porphyry elements specially processed to cover and decorate the top of a column. Capitals have all four sides calibrated and split or flamed. They can be selected with various colours and shapes as needed.

Drain and sump covers

These are elements in quarry face or flamed porphyry, used for rainwater drainage orto allow inspection of sumps.
Colours can be selected and in the case of drain covers, the elements may be drilled or slotted. The porphyrysurface will be similar to that used for paving.

Compass roses

Compass rosesare frequently used to embellish the entrance of a building or to confer it a higher profile. They can be realised intwo or three colours.

Skirting boards

These elements serve to finish any porphyry paving. They are applied atthe wall base with mastic or grout, and can be supplied quarry face or flamed according to customer needs. The height varies from 6 to 30 cm, while the length, usually random, can also be fixed.
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