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Porphyry floors

Porphyry is known to be one of the strongest materials on the market; this is why it is ideal for paving.

Porphyry paving:the characteristics

The main characteristics of porphyry paving include:

• Bending strength
• Compression strength
• Wear resistance
• Shock resistance
• Resistance to freezing and to temperature change

The aesthetic characteristics of this rock allow the creation of elegant and refined flooring.

Porphyry paving for outdoors and indoors

Given its resistanceto heat shocks, to freezing and to high temperatures, porphyryis widely used in Italyfor outdoor paving of squares, roads and shopping centres. Thanks to its versatility, it is used in both mountain and maritime areas -with natural or flamed face ifa non-slip surface is required.

In recent years, the use of porphyryas a material for indoor paving has become frequent at sites that require elegant and refined solutions, such as banks, museums, shops and designer homes.

The prices of porphyry paving

Porphyry paving has prices that vary according to the type of product used.
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