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Avisio Porfidi, processing and laying porphyry since 1975

Avisio Porfidi Srl has quarried, processed and laid porphyry since 1975. From setts to irregular slabs, from tiles to binders, our lines include all the main products that derive from the quarrying of this material. We guarantee delivery on time, precise laying and all-round reliability.

Porphyry, an exceptional stone

Porphyry is a magmatic rock and is one of the hardest materials on the market. Strength and quality are the characteristics that make it special. Its qualities of resistance make it an ideal stone for outdoor paving; but due to its elegance, porphyry is a material much appreciated for indoor and decorative use too. 

Porphyry is a stone that has been used for centuries as paving for town squares, streets and paths and as kerbs of green areas. Its strength makes it a material with excellent weather resistance. At the same time the colours and the layout techniques together offer results of great elegance.

Porphyry, a magmatic rock

Porphyry is a rock consisting 65% of a glassy, microcrystalline matrix plus 30% quartz crystals, with the remaining 5% being feldspars and micas. 

The colours of porphyry vary from grey to brown, to violet/red, according to the site of the quarry and the geology of the territory. The porphyry quarry areas are few and limited in size: Trentino, and in particular Val di Cembra, is one of these. As well as for this characteristic,  porphyry from Trentino is known world-wide for its great quality and value.
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